Thursday, 10 June 2010

May favourites

Ok so Ive got 20 followers! amazing! thanks and hello! never thought I would get past like 5 so I'm quite pleased!

May favourites then. I will update with pics when i've uploaded them-bear with me!merci!

There are a few staple items that ive used for the past few months that I'll mention and also just a few products I've been loving.

Staples that will always be in my favourites

Bare Minerals-reliable and never fails

CoverGirl Lash Blast-*As Above* Love this stuff!

MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl-Perfect white

MAC Studio Finish Concealer-Covers everything

Carmex-Need I say anything?!

First off is foundation. yes its exactly what your thinking it's NARS Sheer Glow.

I dont have very many NARS products but I love the brand and the makeup, just not the packaging. It gets dirty very quickly and the matte covering on the products comes off and just looks horrible. Besides that the foundation is fantastic. I dont think I've ever used anything quite as good. I had Diorskin Nude before and after getting 2 bottles where the pump broke, I got fed up and went back to my trusty Bare Minerals. I'd been hearing very good things about Sheer Glow so whilst having a browse in Sephora (I can never just have a browse in there, so i'm lying lol) I decided to brave the $42 and treat myself. I chose the lighest colour, Siberia, which seemed to match my pasty skin quite well. Wore it on the flight home and was very surprised to find that after a 12 hour LA it had stayed pretty much intact, not perfect but good. I'll fall in love with any foundation which can last that long and still look good! Coverage is great and it really does give you a wee glow, dewy but not like greasy dewy. Love it!

Next is Make Up For Ever Concealer Palette No1. This comes with a green and peachy colour correctors which is really what made me purchase this. I've been using it when my skins a little red in places or when I have nasty lil blemishes. Love the correctors, green conteracts any redness and this really does the trick and the peachy one takes away blue so I've been getting rid of dark circles beneath my eyes. I was working non stop in May so that came in really handy after a few night flights! but the concealers are just ok. Prefer Mac Studio Finish or Studio Sculpt to be honest.

Benefit Sugarbomb-Gorgeous! Perfect rosy glow for my cheeks works well on my pale complexion as well as bronzed. Ive been wearing this literally everyday, sometimes with a little of MAC Pink Swoon underneath,to make it a bit multi dimensional. Know what I mean?

Stila Contouring Trio- Usually just use a Matte bronzer for contouring but there was a sale on Stila in Sephora in Dubai. I blame lollipop26 for this, she tweeted about the sale so I had to make a quick visit whilst I weas there and end up getting this.Im glad she did though cos I love this compact. Its class!its got lights round the mirror! easily amused I am! lol you get a light, a dark and a flash colour for contouring. Giving myself the cheekbones Ive always wanted with this!
Brush wise I've been using MAC 187 quite a bit and loving MAC129 and Ecotools powder brush. Seriously I think the Ecotools is the softest brush that has ever touched my cheeks! lol. Definetley think Sheer Glow is best applied using your fingers but 187 works ok, plus I bought it a while back for use with the Diorskin Nude foundation,so I felt I was neglecting it a bit. It does give that airbrushed finish with most foundations just not as much with sheer glow I find. 129 sweeps the perfect amount of blush on my cheek and I never have to fiddle with the placement of the brush either.
I bet you've guessed I can ramble a bit. yes I can and I'm even worse in person lol
What have you loved during May? Hope your all enjoyin this good weather! Oh and thanks for the comments, keep them coming and if you've any posts youd like me to have a go at, let me know, you've caught me in an enthusiastic mood! lol
I'm off for a bit so hopefully gonna try in fit in a few more posts!
H xx


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