Sunday, 16 May 2010

Nars So Famous Set Review

One item knocked off the wish list!

NARS So Famous Set

Inside this little box there is

Deep Throat Blush

Orgasm Mini Multiple

Bettina Matte Lip Pencil

One word-Gorgeous!

I already have Orgasm blush and couldn't wait to get my hands on Deep Throat. yes names a tad risque but hey makes life a little more interesting! lol

Deep Throat-The blush is beautiful, I actually think I prefer it over Orgasm. Its a baby peachy pink with a slight gold glitter.This pic does it no justice!Its prettier in person and suits my pasty skin quite nicely. Orgasm looks great with a tan so I usually only wear it when I've slathered on the St Moriz.

Orgasm Multiple-The mini mutliple is so cute! there def enough product in there to last a long time. Ive been lusting after the Copacabana multiple for ages, I have a penchant for highlighters and have to keep telling myself I dont need it, so it was nice to have this little one to try out. Its basically the Orgasm blush but in a cream stick form but not as pigmented. Looks lovely on top of cheek bones or as a light flush of blush.

Bettina Velvet Matte Lip pencil-I have another one of these and I really like the texture of them. They are most definetely matte but arent as drying as some other matte lipsticks I've got. I love the pencil formula too, glides on and is very precise. Colour is a soft dark dusky pink.I like to wear a light swipe of this alone for daytime and at night pop on a light pink gloss over the top.

All 3 products complement each other well, they arent very dramatic heavy colours so for me would go well for a more natural everyday look.

All in all I'm glad I purchased this. Got it in Sephora for $44. Bargain considering the blush and lip pencil are $24 each,so I saved a few quid.

Thanks for reading! will you purchase this? Go on you know you want to!



  1. i love nars new products. and i agree, the names are a little risky but it makes it more fun! i need to go out and buy some of these blushes.
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  2. Shall have to give these a go, still don't have any nars products!

  3. great review girl!!! I always wanted to try NARS because so many people are reviewing it!!!

    since you said you like anything sparkle, you might like my page! if you have chance, check it out because I am obsessed with anything sparkly and nails!!!

    xoxo OJLIFE

  4. Love nars products! great post x